Thursday, January 14, 2021

Baby Steps

Sometimes--well, a lot of times, life does not go as planned. What you think you want or will get does not happen. On top of that you could be living in history-making times with a pandemic and political instability everywhere. Among many other things. I know it is easy to get depressed or anxious. 

I experience it. Sometimes I feel like with my career that I am the unpicked doll on the clearance shelf. Sometimes I don't blog because I am too sad to put feelings into words. I know there will be more days like this. But let me tell you something. I believe in taking baby steps forward. Ever since I was a kid and watched "What About Bob?" the movie, I believed in the concept of baby steps. Today I was a little down but I made myself clean a new organizing system cart I had bought so that I could organize all my home office supplies. I took my time and just blanked my mind while doing it. Now I have organized pens and paper clips. Now I know where to find them, too. Baby steps! Try it. :)


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