Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Valentine's is Over.

I just realized today that I still had our Valentine wreath on our front door! Ten days That pretty much represents my 2021. So crazy.

I love color so these babies were perfect.

I did get a beautiful bouquet and some sugar cookies for Vday. It was hard because here in Oklahoma (and Texas!!) we were hit hard by a long-lasting winter storm. It was blizzard-like conditions. I did not even go outside to try to make a snowman because the snow was powdery and it was way too cold! Here in our state, the gas and the electric company both had to do rolling black outs. So we were dripping all the faucets and when they turned off the heat we ended up with like 4 or 5 days with no hot water! And all water pressure was low. Some water came out brown when people went to drink it, but we have a pipe filter that took that out. There were times when we had no electricity, too, but it was not as unbearable as the ice storm we had back in October. You know its bad 
when you wear a beanie hat to bed!!!

Look at the number of closings!!!

Now there is no trace of snow in our yard. But I wanted to share a recipe for snow ice cream in case you can use it next time it snows!

First, put an empty bowl out to catch snow (because you so don't want to scoop it from the ground!).

Now I need to go find a non-Valentine door wreath in our laundry room!


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