Sunday, March 21, 2021

How Egg-citing!!

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Easter will be here before we know it. I have a horror Easter story to share with my readers! I made a mistake and ordered a glitter Easter egg. I thought it would be cool to put some cash in and hide on Easter and make my teen find. Or put in his basket. Yes, he is 16 but so help me he is getting a basket until he is 18.

 Well, I did not KNOW it was a giant egg like a dinosaur egg. I never pay attention to dimensions. I opened the box and pretty much glitter-bombed myself! All the other candy and stuff was covered in glitter. Glitter was leaking out of the sealed egg bag. I even know how it did that. And it kept doing that when I was trying to clean it with disinfectant wipes.

The "Monster"

 Y'all, the glitter egg from another dimension is now in time out in a corner in my bedroom. It is sitting in the box still until I get a large Ziploc to stick it in, and I have been finding glitter EVERYWHERE 4 days later. Now, this is coming from a lady who has an actual glitter wall in her house. I feel like this is some kind of karma because when I was younger I would put metallic confetti in all my mail correspondence. I no longer know what to do with this egg. Just don't order a glitter egg if you are thinking about it. Especially a giant one.

With eggs on the mind...let's get to sharing some fun Easter ideas (as spotted on the web)!

This is a genius idea that is not only fun but really helps your child practice fine motor skills by scooping. If you are a librarian or teacher, this would be a fun center activity or activity during sensory play time programs. Children "rescue" the eggs by scooping and trying to avoid the tape barriers. You can read all about it at Happy Toddler Playtime!

Sprouting Wild Ones blog has this cool idea of using found nature objects to make egg art. They are so pretty!

Photo Source~Sprouting Wild Ones

Photo Source~Teaching Mama

Want to do some egg science? There are over 15 egg science activities at Teaching Mama!

Ooooh! A magnetic easter egg hunt sounds like so much fun! Now because it involves magnets the mom in me would like to add make sure this is done with adult supervision and that the eggs are taped or glued together firmly shut. Then have fun! Details can be found at Happy Toddler Playtime!

 I love this. When I was in 5th grade our teacher showed us how to take our pencil erasers to use tissue paper squares to mold them to make tree leaves. I have had an odd affinity for tissue paper crafts ever since! This one is too cute. Little chicks in a basket! This idea can be found on Crafty Morning!

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay safe from glitter eggs!

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