Saturday, March 6, 2021

Things I Collect!

Hello Kitty
I remember being about 4 years old. I had a Hello Kitty colored pencil set like this:

  I was at the mall one day with my mom and I took my little pencil pouch with me because it reminded me of a little purse. I also had a tiny red Hello Kitty comb. Welp, while on the escalator, there was a gap on the sides of the steps. I dropped my pouch and comb and sure enough, the escalator ate them! 
I remember feeling so sad.
Thus, began my fear of escalators (and elevators). This lasted for a few years. Just enough to traumatize little Tina. 
That was long story to tell you that I currently collect Hello Kitty stuff. I even had a Hello Kitty cake for my 40th birthday!

Rainbow Brite

 I also had a Rainbow Brite doll as a kid. I believe I had just Rainbow, but I could have had some additional ones. Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I LOVE COLOR!!! And rainbows and unicorns. I try not to be a "too girly" girl, but I am and I love that about myself.
(Yes, my favorite color is PINK!)
I have four colorful shelves with my Rainbow Brite collection on it.

Mexican/Hispanic Barbies

 When I was young, I had a Hispanic Barbie. I took her swimming with me one day, left her floating in the pool, and my german shepard dog, King, retrieved her at some point and chewed on her limbs. I probably cried. But adult me has looked back and see that I probably should have took better care of my toys!!
She was the only Hispanic Barbie at the time. Representation is so important. I was amazed to see a Barbie that looked like me. She had tan skin and beautiful black hair. 
As an adult, I collected her and some others...

This is the latest one I received as a gift.

I also have one that represents my Native American heritage.

Thankfully, now there are many Hispanic and Native American Barbies to collect now.
These are on my wishlist!!

This is the Navajo one that represents my tribe.

You can read more about the history of Hispanic Barbies at Latinitas Magazine.

Old Photos

I have not done this in a while because I have not been antiquing or thrifting since Covid came along. I do buy stuff from Etsy from time to time.
I collect old photos of people who are not related to me. I guess I "adopt" them.
I feel bad that they have been left somewhere, are not lovingly placed in a photo album and often have no names written on the back. I keep
their photos with my own family photos. Now they have a family!

Sailor Moon

In the 90s, my little brother Aaron and I got into watching the Sailor Moon cartoon. I believe it came out on our local Fox channel once a week. At the time, I was in high school and I was working at Target as a cashier. I always looked at the clearance aisles on my break and often found stuff to buy. I saw her and got her.

At the time, she was not well-know. I think I paid $5-7 for her. I still have her!
 I also have some vintage Sailor Moon jewelry. My collection is not big by any means, but I always love that she represents strength and that girls really could do anything. Plus, that show was hilarious.


Someone suggested I put this here lol.
Through the years I have had pets that were spoiled and lived long lives. It is always hard when they go. Like losing a family member. I love my pets!

This was my first dog I got when I bought my home twenty years ago.

This is Chinche with his mini-me, his toy cat.

This is my dog, Chinche.
His name means Bedbug in Spanish.
He is adorable but does not like anyone but us, his family. He is also very funny with his stuffed animal collection, and his quirks. He says "I wuv you, mama."

Sparkly Stuff

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love anything sparkly. I have been compared to a bird in the past! I like jewelry, glitter, and to go rock-hounding. Shiny shoes? Yes. Coat that resembles a garbage bag? Also, yes. I even have a pink glitter wall in my bedroom. And I love it so much!

Before I go for today, I found a FREE resource that has decodable books! Decodable books are great for kids learning to read or for those that need help strengthening their reading skills. You can get them HERE. 

I also wanted to share a cool idea. It is from Kindergarten Smorgasboard/Mr. Greg. Take your student or child on a letter hunt! Write the letter on a piece of paper. Have them use magazines or anything else like cereal boxes, recyclables, etc. And have them cut the letters out, match them and glue them onto the paper.
If you want to use a large paper and you don't have any, you can always use the backside of wrapping paper.

Have fun!


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