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Backyard Camping Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Backyard Camping Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy

With summer right around the corner, kids are eager for warm weather, barbeque dinners and camping trips. If you don’t have the time or opportunity to escape the city for a family camping trip, why not plan one in your own backyard?

Backyard camping lets you get into the camping spirit without leaving the comforts of home. It also can serve as an affordable vacation alternative that is safe and gets the social-distancing seal of approval.

How to Prepare Your Backyard Campsite

To capture the true essence of camping in your backyard, prepare as if you were going on an outdoor adventure. Make camping ground rules like no technology or going into the house and prepare meals that can be made and enjoyed outside. 

When it comes to packing and setting up camp, opt for a tent, camping friendly attire and sleeping bags. For inspiration, use the following printable backyard camping checklist to get you started.

Don’t forget to incorporate a few kid-friendly camping activities that will entertain the whole family. 

Backyard Camping Ideas for Kids

Once you set up camp, it's time to have some family fun as well as learn about the nature around you. This list of fun activities to do outside will keep your kids entertained throughout the trip, giving you a chance to kick back, relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Nature Scavenger Hunt 

Help your kids see the backyard from a whole new light by sending them on a neighborhood nature scavenger hunt. Rather than collecting the items on the list, have kids snap a photo of them on a disposable camera or jot them down in a camping journal. This will teach your kids how to discover without disrupting living creatures and things in their natural environment. Plus, you can print the photos later as a memorable keepsake.

Camping Critters Coloring Sheet

Camping is all about quiet reflection and being one with nature. Mindful activities such as coloring keep kids engaged in the present moment while also providing you with some relaxation and relief. Encourage quiet time with this camping-themed coloring sheet. All you need to do is print it, pack some crayons or markers and set it up at your eating area.

Connect-The-Dot Constellation Worksheet

When you’re camping, there’s nature all around — including up above. While camping, look up at the night sky to spot constellations and planets. This connect-the-dot craft will highlight other visible constellations to be on the lookout for, such as Hercules and Lyra.

Campfire Storyboard

End the night with a memorable and sweet activity by gathering around the fire for story time and smores. This storyboard activity turns storytelling into a game. To play, all you’ll need is a die, printed copies of the worksheet and a crayon or marker.

Don’t forget to heat everyone's favorite gooey marshmallow and chocolate treat as you swap tales fireside.

We hope these backyard camping activities have inspired you to plan your own outdoor adventure soon. For more inspiration, explore Zolo’s guide to backyard camping for all the ideas on packing and preparation. You can find the FREE camping printables

This guest post was made and posted in collaboration with Zolo and Twinkle Teaches.

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