Thursday, April 22, 2021


Love is a beautiful thing. My husband shows me love every day in the way he speaks to me, the way he treats me and best of all, when he spoils me. I am so pumped because we are going to our favorite spot for summer vacation. He just surprised me by booking it all! I very much missed this place because last year due to Covid we could not travel anywhere. I feel in my heart that I absolutely have to be there at least once a year to recharge my soul. It is a beautiful, wild place. I get to see the stars and feel like I am surrounded by space on all sides. Wildlife will walk near you with no fear of humans because they are not accustomed to being threatened by human encroachment. I like to watch deer eat wild apples and racoons just being silly racoons. I just love it so much. My dream is to retire there someday but for now I will continue to cherish these memories we are making as a family. 


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