Friday, April 16, 2021

Printable Spring Cleaning Activities for Kids

Printable Spring Cleaning Activities for Kids

This spring cleaning season, you don’t have to create a squeaky clean space all on your own. It’s the perfect time of year to teach your littles the value (and fun) of organization and hard work.


You can  enlist your kids to lend a helping hand with these free chores and activities. Whether they’re checking off tasks on their weekly chore chart or mixing up kid-safe cleaning supplies, you’ll have little helpers by your side as you strive for a sparkling clean space.


The best part? You can turn these lessons into weekly routines, and your house can reap the benefits all year long. 

The random acts of kindness activity encourages kids to help others. Here are some tasks on the 7-day kindness challenge:

  1. Help a neighbor in need with yard work
  2. Wash the family car
  3. Do the dishes after family dinner
  4. Pick up trash at your favorite park or playground
  5. Give away gently used books
  6. Buy and donate a brand new toy
  7. Mix up a natural cleaning solution and clean with it


Since clutter and mess increase stress, teaching kids about cleaning young helps prepare them for a fruitful future. Make the activities fun by offering rewards and incentives such as allowance or ice cream .

All of these printables have been provided by The Zebra and you can download and print them free by clicking here.

This post was made in collaboration between Twinkle Teaches and The Zebra.

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