Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Put a Spring in Your Step!

Spring is in the air and that means it is time to de-clutter and organize. I have already made two trips to donation sites and I already see a third one coming soon. The messiest room in my house without a doubt is my home office. It is my dirty secret, my catch-all. I have struggled with it ever since I bought my house 20 years ago. 

So my main focus in there for now is to get rid of ALL paper clutter, donate the books I don't read that are collecting dust, and organize my huge craft and office supply collections. The main reason for me to de-clutter in there is because I just purchased a table to be my writing desk. It is a beautiful, yellow table. There were 4 for sale and I bought one. Here is the table top:

I love it so much! So now I need to make room so I can put the legs on it and have a writing space. But I know I have to be vigilant about maintaining this space, and my whole household really.

The Zebra has weekly cleaning schedules that are so helpful! I printed it off , laminated it (you can also just use a plastic sleeve protector) and am going to use a dry erase marker to help me check off cleaning zones.

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