Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Python for Coding with Kids

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Why is Python popular among kids learning coding? 

With software engineering careers in great demand, more people are
learning coding today. Kids learning coding too has become the norm.
What’s interesting is how Python - already a popular coding language -
has won favor among kids and beginners.
A general purpose, high-level programming language, Python is being
hailed today as the best coding language for beginners, including kids
and teens. 

Below are the top reasons behind Python’s popularity among kids: 

1.  Python is the most popular coding language today: One of the most
popular programming languages in the world now, Python is said to
have gone up to second place from the third in last year’s ranking of
programming language popularity as published by the analyst firm
RedMonk. This has made it more attractive and lucrative for kids 
to learn Python. 

2. Python is easy-to-learn: With a syntax that is a lot like English, Python
without a doubt is among the easier coding languages today. With
Python, one can write concepts in fewer lines of code, making Python a
very efficient and fast choice for tasks, especially for beginners,
including kids. Also, Python is a flexible coding language so children
learning it can experiment easily and more often.

3.  Python comes with good documentation, community support and a
wide network of Python libraries: There is no shortage of guides and
video tutorials while working with Python. This community support
makes it very easy for kids to learn computer science with Python.
Additionally, Python has many libraries helping minimise one’s time and
effort during development. Take for example, matplotib that is used for
plotting charts and graphs; SciPy used for engineering applications,
science, and mathematics; BeautifulSoup for HTML parsing and XML
and NumPy for scientific computing.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

4.    Python is versatile, adding to its cross-industry appeal: Python can
be used in many types of environments such as mobile applications,
desktop applications, web development, hardware programming, and
many more. This makes it a highly versatile coding language. Today it is
widely used are Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IOT), Full Stack
Web Development, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial

5. Supported by top colleges and the corporate world: Python has
backing from most of the top computer science college programs; it is
usually the first language taught in the computer science curriculum.
Moreover, it enjoys support from Facebook,
 Amazon Web Services and Google.

Due to the above reasons, more kids are learning Python today than
ever. And while there is no paucity of free learning resources today; it is
recommended to join a coding class for greater accountability. A leading
coding program for kids and teens, YoungWonks provides students
individual attention in 1:1 live lessons, encouraging them to explore their
creativity by experimenting and making new programs, apps, websites,
games, robots and electronic devices. Its students have even won first
prizes at the RoboRave International 2018, RoboRave California 2018
and RoboRave US National 2017, making it a great choice for a kid
looking to learn coding. Students get a free trial to test the quality of
teaching before joining the program.

This is a guest post by Team Yongwonks in collaboration with Twinkle Teaches. 

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