Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Summer FUN in the SUN!

I am absolutely so excited that summer is almost here. I can't wait to soak up the sun pool side. And go on our vacay...see how much I need some sunshine in my life?!?!
Don't mind the a haircut after this...

Look at my pretty flowers growing in my flower beds!

I have recently become very much a rock-hound. I have always, always loved shiny things so rocks/minerals/gems speak my language.

Here is a geode my son opened recently. We got it a few years back in Arkansas. Arkansas has such a wide variety of "good" rocks.

My most prized part of my collection is my little piece of Moldavite. Moldavite is rare because it is from a meteorite impact from 15 million years ago in South Germany. Mine is the size of a dime. I have a friend who has one in a natural heart shape and I am so jelly. 

The whole point of my post is to share some fun summer 
activities so let's get to it!!! 

Since I posted pics of one of our geodes, how about making your own geode art? Have your child draw wiggly oval lines. Use watercolor to fill it in. You can add glitter, glitter glue OR use aluminum foil
 pieces to make it shiny. It would be fun to tear the foil.
You can even mix salt into the watercolors! 

  If it is nice outside, how about painting with a squirt gun? 
Fill a squirt gun with washable paint mixed with water. Put
on some messy clothes and have fun!

 CHOMP!!! I love this. 
Use a clothespin, construction paper and an unsharpened
toothpick or dowel to make your shark eating a fish puppet.

  When I was little I would play with mud and dirt for hours.
My family would pretend to eat my mud pies. So this idea is cool. 
Fill an empty plastic tub (any size) with rocks, sand, beans and toys.
This one has construction machine toys but you could add anything really like little plastic figures or shovels.

You know I am a sucker for handprint keepsakes.
Your little ones only stay little for so long!!!! (Mine is 16 now!!!)
This cool campfire is made with painted hands, construction paper and cotton balls aka marshmallows.

Sunshine!! So easy. Use a paper plate *you can color or paint it yellow* and add construction paper strips and a face. 

Use an egg carton to go on a scavenger hunt!
You can do this in your own backyard or at a park or while out on 
a hike. You can add clip art or photos of local nature items to find or 
just let your kids fill up each egg carton component with what they find.

Enjoy yourself, no matter what you do this summer!
I am going to be making more YouTube story time videos at
Twinkle Teaches YouTube channel starting in mid-June!


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