Monday, June 28, 2021


I am trying to spend optimal family time this summer so I have not written on here since June 1st. This summer has me spending so much time outside...swimming, hiking and I found some new passions! I now collect rocks, gems and fossils. 
Here's just a small amount of some of my finds:

We started off June by spending some days in Beaver's Bend. The most beautiful part of Oklahoma in my opinion. Even though some things were closed due to flooding and there were *SO* many tourists, we still spent time together and that is all that matters.
Today is a *very* special day! 18 years ago today we were married! My husband is an amazing man. He is someone I aspire to be more like--patient, loving and kind. One time I asked him if he would change anything and he said he wished he had only met me sooner. He is my sunshine! ❤

And I know I can be a handful, that's for darn sure. I regret not appreciating him as much in the past as I should have. But I must have done something right karma-wise to find someone who truly does love me. He does not just say it--his actions prove it! He has never been disrespectful to me. He does not allow other people to disrespect me. And I think that sets a great example for our son. 

In the past, I had dated people who were not that way at all. If you are single/dating/married I have a word of advice: If someone treats you bad, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you. Normal people do not go around destroying others. Normal people do not find the "love of their life" three times a year.  And also, if someone tells you that you hurt them, you don't get to decide that you didn't. It's not difficult to take a few steps back and admit that your actions have caused them harm. It is called being a decent human being. Just a little life and love advice from this ol' gal. 

I feel spoiled by the anniversary gifts I received from him. I was not expecting a metal detector OR fossilized turtle poop!! But his gifts speak volumes about how well he knows me. Nope, we are not perfect at all, but when we get mad at each other or make mistakes, we forgive. 

Today we rocked the OKC Zoo. Harrison fed the giraffes! The zoo has a newborn baby giraffe. If you have not ever been to the OKC Zoo, it really is one of the best zoos in the country!


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Creative Ways to Gift or Reward

I came across a neat article about 24 Creative Gift Ideas for Family and Friends on the Credit Repair  blog. Every year at Christmas we usually give cash or gift cards to family, but I always seem to struggle with a creative way to do this. I usually just put a bow on it lol. 

Photo from Credit Repair

So I adore the creative ideas for gifting in the article like, putting it in a balloon and having them pop it, or making it into a scavenger hunt! There are also lots of printables  such as: printable fortunes for dollar bill fortune cookies,  or math problem-solving cards to find a cash reward inside. 
Check it out!!