Saturday, September 4, 2021

I have too many chairs.

So I am a little "extra." I try really hard not to be but I can be. You should have seen my son's birthday parties when he was little! I decided I wanted a nice sitting chair for the living room. I really do not like our couch (looking for a new one) because it is made with this brocade-like fabric and just not the most comfy. I am all about comfort. So I ended up with three chairs. I bought one, then saw another later that looked better...and so on. Now my living room is filled with too many chairs. I have 3 now. Sigh.

Definitely, not the worst problem in the world at all especially during a pandemic.

I feel like I am ready to just renovate the whole house. Maybe you notice things more when you have to be home more I guess.

I saw a good idea for classroom management when there is a sub. I always had a sub basket made up with extra activities and worksheets and books in it. I also included the very important class list, class schedule, a typed up summary of our day with our song lyrics, names of helpful students, etc.
I called it the "sub tub." The best sub teacher I ever had was when I was teaching Kindergarten in Texas. 

This idea is a great way to reward students for behaving and to get feedback on how the day went. Some subs usually leave you a note, but they don't always do that. So here is this cool idea!!


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