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My name is Christina Winkle. I go by Tina Winkle. I am from the great state of Oklahoma! 

I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK. My father is an immigrant from Mexico and he came to the United States with a dream to become a United States citizen and to start his own business. He achieved both goals. 

My mother is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is a bright and amazing woman! My mom taught me that women can do anything!

I have two younger brothers whom I love very much.

I was inspired to become a teacher in 2nd grade. You see, I was illiterate. My first grade teacher would roll her eyes when she called me to the reading table to read. I was in the lowest group--I knew it, and the feeling was crummy. The next year I got lucky. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Manes, gave me a passion for reading and changed my life. I wanted to be like her and inspire others to love exploring literature.

 I had my parents take me to the local library, Bethany Library, once a week because Mrs. Manes told us about how wonderful it was. And it was! I could read during the summer reading program and earn Dairy Queen coupons (yes, free ice cream!) and books to keep! My collection of books began to grow and it is still growing!

I even tried (confession!) to teach my dog how to read. I was very frustrated when he did not, and always hopeful if he made a sound while I held the book in front of his face.


The librarian at my elementary school would tell us about her son going to college and how important college was during story time. I did not know what college was exactly, but as a child, I remember wanting to go there because of this. 

I am proud to say I am the first in my family to attend college! I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern Nazarene University in Early Childhood Education and in Elementary Education in 2000. I remember looking at my parent's proud faces in the crowd. They were so happy. I did it for me, but I also went to school for them!

I started teaching with full-day Kindergarten in Cedar Hill, TX, at High Pointe Elementary. It was the first time full-day kindergarten was being implemented district-wide. I was honored that as a first year teacher, they asked me to provide professional development in literacy centers to all district teachers! It was a great experience, but I missed my family in Oklahoma, and returned once the school year was completed.

Once I returned, I worked for Putnam City School District. This was the district I had attended school in, myself. I taught Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade during my time there. I became known as the go-to person for teaching parents about how to strengthen students' literacy skills at home. I even coordinated a parenting course for literacy.

I began my Master Degree in Reading Education in 2003 at the University of Central Oklahoma. I had to take a hiatus after having my son. I completed my degree in 2013 in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Reading Education.

I met my husband, Ben, who is an artist and an art teacher while teaching for a local school district. We have a son, Harrison, who is now 16years old. Harrison has been a member of Mensa since the age of 9. I remember he was first tested at age 2, he told the assessor that his favorite color was aquamarine and he liked white, but it was a non-color. His mind goes a mile a minute, but working with him academically, has had its challenges!

We have a dog named Chinche (Bedbug in Spanish), and two cats. My dream is always to take in more animals. 

I  completed my Master of Library Science Degree at Texas Woman's University on December 2018. Second Master Degree for the win! I do intend to pursue a Ph.D. in Literacy, Education Administration,  or Early Childhood Education soon!

After many years of teaching, I became a Literacy Coach and Reading Specialist at the charter school I was employed at. I mentored classroom teachers at the elementary and in the early childhood center. I would present weekly professional development, create Professional Learning Community meetings, observe instruction, share resources, pull small guided reading groups, and assess students. I would also assist teachers in analyzing data and determining interventions.

I did so well, I was encouraged to interview at the Oklahoma State Department of Education! I became a Reach Instructional Coach. My main focus was on working with Prek-3rd grade teachers all over central Oklahoma, however, I also facilitated professional development on literacy and the Reading Sufficiency Act for all OKC area public and charter schools. 

Sadly, due to budget cuts, the positions were cut. But, happily, I found a new career I have passion for! I work at the library! I was most recently a Lead Children's Librarian at the El Reno Carnegie Library! I am currently teaching PreK. I like using my background in education and literacy to help teach children reading skills at the library.

My hobbies are: baking, reading (duh!), scrapbooking, rockhounding, thrifting, crafting, refinishing old or broken furniture, photography and writing.

Got a question? Have a tip or great idea? I am here to help and share! My email address is twinkleteaches@gmail.com ! I usually reply within 24 hours (unless extremely busy!) and if I don't know the answer I will find it out for you. :) Thanks for visiting!

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