Kindergarten Quick Sheet Assessment 
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Kindergarten Skill Sheet Checklist
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These assessments featured below are the ones we use in Oklahoma and are recommended for use in the OK RSA Law.

*These two pages below were added 3/5/2020 for you to download by hitting right click and save. They are from 2015 when I was a Reach Coach, so there may have been more updates, but I still feel it is useful to share.

If you are from another state, I highly recommend using the Literacy First Assessments, especially if your school district does not have an adopted one or you can use it for report card assessments in these certain subject areas.

The Literacy First framework for instruction closely follows the requirements of the Oklahoma Reading Sufficiency Act including ongoing assessments in phonological awareness, phonics, reading comprehension, reading fluency and spelling.

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              Phonological Awareness Skills Test

P.A.S.T. Kindergarten

P.A.S.T-Form A Instructional Profile

P.A.S.T Form A

Phonics Form A

Phonics Instructional Profile

Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills Next (DIBELS Next) assesses a student's competence in foundational reading skills. These skills predict later reading success. DIBELS

Did you know that DIBELS® Oral Reading Fluency (DORF) passages include a mixture of narrative and expository subjects?

We want students to be able to read accurately, fluently, and for meaning in all types of text.

The DORF benchmark passages for grades 1-3 include two narrative passages and one expository passage.
In grades 3-6, the balance is shifted to two expository and one narrative passage.
The set of 20 passages for progress monitoring at each grade level includes the same balance as the benchmark passages.

DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) is a series of short tests that assess early childhood (PreK-6) literacy.

DIBELS Kindergarten Skills Checklist
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DRA2 Word Analysis
Cross Reference to
FCRR Activities 
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