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Monday, February 26, 2018

Hopping into Easter

Yesterday I saw the Easter bunny at Wal-Mart! And he waved to my husband. I know you are wondering why I was at Wal-Mart (Team Aldi girl here), but I really needed pastel pink duct tape for a craft project.

But it is a good thing I saw this bunny because it reminded me that Easter is coming!
I found some supercoolneat-o ideas to share with you!

As an assistant librarian and former teacher, I found this idea with coffee filter to be intriguing. Yes, I thought it was going to be the ol' coffee filter butterfly craft, but no it is cooler because the blogger die cut the shapes (you can always hand cut them) into flowers and then the kiddos used eyedroppers to add the color. This would make a good pop-up program at the library!
I might try it! Go to Fun-a-Day to read all about it!

Photo and idea from Fun-a-Day

I’m always trying to find new ways to decorate our Easter eggs! I personally believe glitter and eggs do not mix, but I love the creativity from Tip Hero. They have 18 egg decorating ideas.

I really like this dye-free idea. Photo and ideas from Tip Hero.

I have no source for this idea because the link just took me to Google images. I found it on Facebook. When you have empty egg cartons, re-use them to go on a nature scavenger hunt!

I found a fun recipe on EatsAmazing that would totally make my son think he is eating something junk-y for breakfast, BUT it is healthy. Hahaha evil parent hack! Easter egg popsicles breakfast recipe and photo from Eats Amazing.

How about some egg-shaped potato stamping? This is great for little ones because they can use fine motor skills to grasp the chunky potatoes. Idea and photo from Crafty Morning. *Watermark says so maybe it was a guest post.

Keep those kids busy!! Burn the chocolate off ‘em! The Seasoned Mom has really awesome egg-ercises for the whole family to do.

Photo and idea from The Seasoned Mom

Photo and idea from Thirty Handmade Days
My son *LOVES* Peeps to an obsession. He mostly loves them microwaved and made into S’Mores. I can eat them but I can also live without them. I think he would LOVE this game called Don’t Eat the Peeps! By Thirty Handmade Days.

Now I do like Muddy Buddies aka Puppy Chow dessert. I remember my aunt making some for Christmas when I was little and we were grossed out by the name Puppy Chow but once we started eating it, we could not stop! I bring you...Easter Muddy Buddies from Create Craft Love.

Photo and recipe from Create Craft Love.

Gorgeous egg photo and idea from Dream a Little Bigger

Dream a Little Bigger shows you how to make Galaxy Eggs out of plastic eggs. So amazing! The tutorial makes it seem really easy, too.

And I think this is just a neat Spring craft, plus I like wearing a princess crown any chance I get. Bugs and Fishes show you how to create your own felt crown to wear to Easter festivities. 

Photo and idea from Bugs and Fishes

Have fun making stuff! May the Pinterest gods be ever in your favor!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Springing into Spring!!! {Cat Edition}

I am so springing into Spring!!!
I love the warm weather so much. 
We are in that little period here in Oklahoma where the tornado sirens are not going off just yet and it is just pretty outside (although slightly windy, but I am so not complaining!).

My feisty child is still eating through his stash of Easter candy. I am proud of his moderation when it comes to sweets. I guess it is a sign he is growing up because we would have to hide his candy up on high shelves until it was treat time when he was younger. 

Now that he is 11, he does not really want to dye eggs or hunt for them. It is weird because you would think being homeschooled/an only child, he might take a little longer to decide he is "too cool" for some of these things. I know his friends (even the older ones) still carry on these childhood traditions. I guess each child just decides for him/herself when it is time. That is a great reminder to me as a former teacher that all kids are different and that is a beautiful thing.

Image result for cat scratch post meme

I have so much around my house I need to paint! I got my hands on a beautiful, solid wood vintage dresser that I plan on painting for Harrison's room. I am thinking of painting it turquoise and distressing it (maybe with wax) on the outer part and then painting each drawer a different soft color. But this is all in my head for now. I KNOW I totally need to touch up some of the walls. One of my cats thinks a corner of the wall is a scratch post. The weird thing about pets is you buy them all the fancy whiz-its at PetSmart and they will ignore that $100 scratch post and toys. But if you put a fresh coat of paint on the wall, it is guaranteed to become the new favorite play toy.

(My cat Snow is thinking this right now...)

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Make beautiful eggs.

I love scrambled eggs with cheese. Love it. And I like a good hard-boiled.
But I really love this time of year because my son gets his "artist on" with eggs.
Here are some cool Easter egg ideas I have seen on the web~

HOPPY decorating!!

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Peeps Science!!

Look at these cool Peeps science ideas!!
Click on the pic to go there...

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