Monday, January 21, 2008

Good morning sunshine!!

Ben and I saw Juno over the weekend. I liked it (I LOVED the music), but he did not so much.
Now if it was about gladiators or hobbits on a journey he would have been in seventh heaven!
We also hesitantly decided that the bathroom will have to be renovated after the kitchen. The works. It started with a leak in the tub, then the soap dish mounted on the tile wall broke when one of my heavy bottles of shampoos fell on it, and the toilet and sink just look a little sad. I did a faux finish technique on the wall by ragging it,but two years later, it looks blah to me...maybe because it is this weird purple color.
I will be happy one day when the dust settles in this house. And then once everything is done we will sell it...LOL.
Sunday we spent most of the day at my in-law's house. It was my father-in-law and nephew's birthday. {pics coming soon! :) }
I have tentatively started work on my acrylic album. Wish me luck with that...
Harrison and I are making triple berry muffins tomorrow. Yum! He has asked us to call him Charlie Brown and he has renamed our dog Keely, Snoopy.

We started the happy? chore of getting all our tax papers/receipts in order.
I start work Thursday..yay!!!
Our weathermen had predicted snow and ice starting they are getting wishy washy on us and saying it may be rain, may be snow. I want SNOW!!! :)
Remember when I told you to web-kick me in the butt if I spent money on scrapbook stuff I don't really need right now? Well, yes I will take those kicks...get in line!
Is it really my fault Michaels Craft Stores had dollar days? And I also found alphabet chipboard letters for $1 at Big Lots. I think I need Scrappers Anonymous or something!!!
In remembrance-Martin Luther King Day is today.


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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Photo of the Day--January 20th

I took a picture of my globe. :)

Some FLICKR inspiration

for photography...some of my faves from other photographers!

Three Minute Dash

This made me cry. Very inspirational.

Dash Video

A little brief...

This will be a little brief...sleepy me keeps making typos! Tomorrow we have worship and family time in the afternoon--my father-in-law and nephew are having a joint birthday party. After that, hopefully I can write a longer blog post about what we've been up to. Keep your fingers crossed! I may have some new snow pics coming soon also! It may snow and ice Monday-Thursday!!! Yikes.

Scrapbook Links!!!

Click on the title to go there. :]


(Non-scrapbooking LOL)I love Jason Schwartzman so when I found his band's myspace...I love their music!!!

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Tom Cruise Parody ala Scrapbooking

This is the funniest thing I have seen in awhile!! Cathy Z. from Simple Scrapbooks doing Tom Cruise parody!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Looking for some weekend crops??

Try this weekend or

Photos of the Dayz...

January 18--the theme was GOLD
January 19--the theme is COMFORT :)
Oh, and I am SO excited!!!! I got my haircut like Posh yesterday!!! They cut off 7 inches! I am getting it colored,too. If I remember, I will have Ben take a pic of me...I LOVES it!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

All Natural Home Remedies for Kids

Saw this on Yahoo and thought it had some good ideas...

Photo of the Day--jan. 17



Watched a little Project Runway tonight. They always seem to get rid of the boring people first so I was not suprised Kit left. I think Jillian and Victoria should be next!!! If Christian was not in the final three I would cry!!! I get too much into my tv!
Ben was home today. He took a personal day to be with us. But I think he worked harder today than he would be doing in the classroom. He worked on some house projects.
We went to Target. I got a new purse. I have not had a new purse in awhile so it is a big deal for me to buy something for myself, know what I mean? Gasp...guess what? I am also getting my hair colored and cut on Friday! As a mom you just go with the flow and let yourself go sometime. I want to look like I did pre-pregnancy (a tall wish!) but that is my goal this year.
I see some moms with more kids than me and they are more pulled together or have their nails done and new clothes and I feel inadequate because I spend more on paper than new clothes.
And no, that does not mean I will stop buying paper, I will just be more selective about what I buy and when I buy. I had a bad addiction to enabling threads that said, "Target Find!!!--99 cent flowers!!" and then I would go to 5 different Target stores searching for them. Oh, I am a sucker for $1 sections,too.
So if I start posting pics of lots of scrappy stuff web-kick me in the butt,okay??
So where was I? Yes, we went to Target. Harrison bought a bag for school and some new cups, and a new lunch pail. I wanted him to pick it all out because maybe the transition won't be so hard on him.
We ate Carl's Jr. for lunch. Not my first choice but Ben loves their burgers. And having a coupon sealed the deal for me!
It snowed late this afternoon. We had no idea it did, and we opened the house door to go for a drive and the car was covered with ice and a little snow. I love surprises like that.
Here are pics of our finds-- (notice: no scrapbook stuff!!!):
Lunch Pail and one of the cups we got him (he already painted pictures to go inside them!)
Luggage tags for Harrison's name


15 Wonderful Things About Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday... My 15:
1. my husband took a personal day to be at home with us today
2. I got to sleep in!
3.I bought a pretty new purse today
4. it snowed and I love snow
5.I am thankful for all my friends
6.and family
7.I got to talk to my mom mother-daughter time
8.ebay had 20 cent listings today!
9. house was not too messy
10.we had a wonderful lunch
11.i figured out how to make a blinky
12.things are actually getting crossed off my to do list
13.I will be working with Audrey :)
14. son has a wonderful smile
15.I have God!

Photo of the Day--Jan. 16

The theme is PINK. I took pics of my celly. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Day the House Stood Still

"My house looks like a tornado hit it, and then a hurricane. And then a nuclear bomb fell on top of it." This how I described my house to my mom on the phone today. We have been so busy that housework is slipping. This pic above is laundry that needs to be folded. My dirty hampers have clothes falling OUT. Even the dogs look at me like they are disappointed.
Monday we went to see about the preschool position. I got it! I think I will be in the one year old class. Harrison will be with 3-5 year olds. This is a really HUGE step for us. It has just been me and him for the past three years. So I am returning to work and he is starting school (well, not officially but ya know what I mean). I feel like God has just blessed us with so much. I found out about this job thru my friend Audrey. I had been missing teaching lately and I really wanted to put Harrison in a program but was scared because a full day away from me seemed scary. Now I can be there! Plus, the extra money will help with some household renovations (after the kitchen we are attacking the bathroom!!).
I was so happy Harrison even made a friend named Jack! On his own...without mommy arranging a playdate or telling him to go play with that boy. I guess this will be the end of helicopter mommy!
Here's some pics of Harrison eating ice cream the other day (grandma's treat!).

Today we went to a luau party with the Christian Stay-at-Home mom group we belong to. It was so festive. Audrey did an awesome job of decorating! The ladies made such delicious food...we brought some home!!! We took sugar cookies (I decided to leave them unfrosted), and juice boxes. I am not very creative when it comes to cooking! Here is a pic of some of the food:
Then we went to the park and the library to feed our duck friends.
Then we came home and crashed. Oh, and that's when I called my mom to vent about my dirty house.

Photo(s) of the Day!

January 15
The theme was SPARKLE.

January 14
The theme was WATER.

January 12
The theme was MUSIC.

Fashion Smashion

If you are a fan of The Office show you may remember Kelly K. saying," Fashion show!!! Fashion showwwww!!!" Harrison and I had a fashion show earlier in the week with our pets! Here are the models:

Monday, January 14, 2008

Photo of the Day--Jan.13

A day late but the theme is SOFT.
This is our cat in her fur boa collar. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend Vibes

I almost put hemmorhoid cream on my toothbrush this morning.That's the kind of weekend I have had...busy, tired and a little craaaaazy!
Friday we had a really fun playdate at our friend Audrey's house. The boys had fun playing and running around. When Harrison and I left, it was 2 1/2 hours later!!! I guess that is a sign you are having fun, when time flies.
Ben and I saw Walk Hard. It was okay. I was shocked by some of it because I thought it would be funnier and not so risque but oh well.
Harrison still wants to see the new Veggietales movie so I hope to take him this week or next.
I stayed up Friday night working on some web design stuff. I re-did the scrapcity blog ( and my own (for its anniversary)!
Saturday I spent most of my day at a scrapbook crop with three other ladies. It was fun. I got 4 pages done!! Ben and Harrison had lots of father and son time (about 5 hours) while I was there. I was really impressed that the house was clean when I returned. That is always a plus!!!
Photobucket Photobucket
Today I visited with my mom for awhile. Ben and I are making sugar cookies. I want valentine and flower shapes!! :)
Tomorrow I got to a pre-school to observe/interview for a possible position. My friend Audrey works there and our sons would attend together. Wish me luck!!!
Now I have some scrapcity blinkies and cookies to finish making. :)
Hope your weekend rocked!!!!!