Thursday, May 8, 2008


So Wednesday night my town had a tornado!!
I live in Oklahoma so we get a little immune to hearing the sirens. I mean, if you are watching the weather person they pinpoint the streets the circulation is on so as long as it isn't your area, you pretty much ignore the sirens.
Around 5pm I asked Ben if he would go to Walgreens because I had ordered a free 8x10 and I was anxious to see how it turned out. This was before sirens, warnings, etc. All it was doing outside was raining like a nice, Spring rain. So then Harrison runs to the door and says he wants to go with daddy. Walgreens is just up the street from us. I told them I would come along,too since the rain made me feel like a house hostage lately. I also really wanted to take pics of the rain so I brought my camera.
This is the first pic I took. You can tell it is not raining too hard.
So we drive up the street on our little errand.
I take pics like the camera freak I am.
We park and it starts raining blinding know the kind where you cannot see anything in front of you.
I tell Ben, "Let's just go home." But he was like, "No, I'll be in and out real quick. Listen to the radio if you are nervous."
He enters the store. The sirens go off. I search for a radio that is broadcasting the warning. Finally, after what seems like fumbling forever (!) I find one. I hear tornado, town X, street X, on the ground! Um, it is near us!!!
Right as I hear that the town police pull up at the stop light in front of us and stop traffic!!! Yikes!
I did not get a good pic of the police car but you can see everyone has their brake lights on while the light is green.
So I get in the driver's seat, and pull up besides the Walgreen's door. Ben comes running out. We live just down the street, but let me tell you it was so hard to see!!! I was so worried we would get in a car accident on the way home.
The whole time my preschooler is yelling, "McNuggets! I want McNuggets!" Ben is like, "I don't think they are going to serve you right now."
(please ignore my dusty dashboard...but look at the sky...yikes)
So we run in the house and I wrap H in a blanket. We turn the tv on (I have learned the volume has to be on high so you can hear from the bathtub). After awhile, our area gets the all clear as the tornado heads East/NE.
A lot of our town lost power. Our lights flickered on/off during it. My mom was at the elementary school. It was in the path, and she felt the building shake while she took cover with the other employees.
Thankfully, no one is seriously hurt in our town, other than some cuts. But, there are upturned, twisted trees. A car dealership we drove by had a pole fall on new cars. My brother-in-law's area was hit heavily and they were evacuated because of gas lines that had busted. But like I said, thanks to God everyone is okay other than material damage.
Well, we don't have to worry about watering our yard now.
Harrison really wanted to splash in our flower beds!! He settled for coloring with mom and dad instead.
Another storm pic~
I have felt like such a bad blogger this week--every time I try to get online it starts lightning and thundering outside!! And my computer is acting funky so I need to have Ben take a look at it. If I go MIA again, you know why! :)
I still have not bought the grandmas' Mother's Day gifts yet.
I did do a little scrapbooking Tuesday night.
This is the Spring/Summer Stampin' Up catalog. I had ordered chipboard shapes from my friend Amy at SU. I finally opened the package and I was so ready to paint when Harrison called for me in his sleep. He was "having a nightmare about an orange spider and a blue spider." I snuggled with him and ended up falling asleep. Children are the best teddy bears!
I hope tonight is twister-free. I want some nice weather today!!!

Photos of the Day (er,week)

I am so, so, soooo behind on my Photo of the Day posts. So let me play catchup now!
Monday,May 5
Did you know it "snowed" on the Island of Sodor?!? (That's where Thomas the train lives). I found some old white felt I had and it fit the train table! So we had instant snow!



Tuesday, May 6
Okay promise not to laugh? This is my first grilled cheese sandwich I ever cooked. No, I am not an alien! Just very inept in the kitchen department. Harrison wanted one so bad and I called Ben on the phone and he walked me through it! Oh, and H and I hate crusts so that is why it is crust-less. Actually, in my pic it looks like a hash brown or something! But it did taste good!

Wednesday, May 7
Kingston our kitty says HI!

Thursday, May 8
We are way into PBJ in this house. And yes, I have made those all my life so I did not need help! LOL
Anyway, this pic is a new scrapbook page I did. I added two other new ones to the May slideshow at the top of my blog AND I now have the blog music automatically play when you are on the homepage (before you had to push play but I decided my blog needed a little change). You adjust the volume through your own speakers.

Weird News O' the Week!

I have always, always wondered about this weird animal!
Source: Yahoo! News

Neither fish nor fowl: Platypus genome decoded

by Marlowe HoodWed May 7, 2:47 PM ET

Arguably the oddest beast in Nature's menagerie, the platypus looks as if were assembled from spare parts left over after the animal kingdom was otherwise complete.

Now scientists know why. According to a study released Wednesday, the egg-laying critter is a genetic potpourri -- part bird, part reptile and part lactating mammal.

The task of laying bare the platypus genome of 2.2 billion base pairs spread across 18,500 genes has taken several years, but will do far more than satisfy the curiosity of just biologists, say the researchers.

"The platypus genome is extremely important, because it is the missing link in our understanding of how we and other mammals first evolved," explained Oxford University's Chris Ponting, one of the study's architects.

"This is our ticket back in time to when all mammals laid eggs while suckling their young on milk."

Native to eastern Australia and Tasmania, the semi-aquatic platypus is thought to have split off from a common ancestor shared with humans approximately 170 million years ago.

The creature is so strange that when the first stuffed specimens arrived in Europe at the end of the 18th century, biologists believed they were looking at a taxidermist's hoax, a composite stitched together from the body of a beaver and the snout of a giant duck.

But the peculiar mix of body features are clearly reflected in the animal's DNA, the study found.

The platypus is classified as a mammal because it produces milk and is covered in coat of thick fur, once prized by hunters.

Lacking teats, the female nurses pups through the skin covering its abdomen.

But there are reptile-like attributes too: females lay eggs, and males can stab aggressors with a snake-like venom that flows from a spur tucked under its hind feet.

The bird-like qualities implied by its Latin name, Ornithorhynchus anatinus, include webbed feet, a flat bill similar to a duck's, and the gene sequences that determine sex. Whereas humans have two sex chromosomes, platypuses have 10, the study showed.

"It is much more of a melange than anyone expected," commented Ewan Birney, who led the genome analysis at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge.

The animal also possesses a feature unique to monotremes -- an order including a handful of egg-laying mammals -- called electroreception.

With their eyes, ears and nostrils closed, platypuses rely on sensitive electrosensory receptors tucked inside their bills to track prey underwater, detecting electrical fields generated by muscular contraction.

"By comparing the platypus genome to other mammalian genomes, we'll be able to study genes that have been conserved throughout evolution," said senior author Richard Wilson, a researcher at Washington University.

In captivity, platypuses have lived up to 17 years of age.

In the wild, they feed on worms, insect larvae, shrimps and crayfish, eating up to 20 percent of their body weight every day.

Males grow to a length of 50 centimetres (20 inches) and weigh about two kilos (4.5 pounds), with females about 20 percent shorter and lighter.

The genome sequenced for the study belongs to a female specimen from New South Wales nicknamed Glennie and can be accessed at

Guys backflip into jeans

Um, ouch?!? I wish I could do this...sigh...I am not athletic at all.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Etsy Inspiration

I Took The Handmade Pledge!
I have been an Etsy fan for about a year now. I love homemade, crafty, kitschy stuff. Sometimes I buy, sometimes I browse and sometimes I look for inspiration there. If you have not been to etsy, go now! You will become addicted!
Here are some fun etsy finds I saw on there today that caught my eye! Click on the titles to go to the links if you are interested~
Postcard Set
Letter H
Love Birdies Print
I Love Socks Garters
You'll Be Sorry When I'm Gone Art
Tie For Your Little Guy!
*disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with Etsy or any of the artists. Pictures are for sharing purposes only, they are not my own! :) *

Monday, May 5, 2008

Photo of the Day

Monday, May 5
I am so ready for summer!

Is it happy hour yet?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! In honor of CdM I am totally eating salsa and chips with dinner! Yum!
Last year we took Harrison to see a local Mariachi band so I should see if they are playing this weekend. Ah, and this weekend is Mother's Day! So many holidays so close together! Anyway, it is really important for me to feel like Harrison is in touch with his Mexican-Spanish heritage and his Native American. So I would really like to do more for Cinco de Mayo--this year I just was not organized!
One of my favorite couples, Scar Jo and Ryan Reynolds just got engaged! Cool! :)
Read the story HERE.
This morning all I heard was, " momma!" Harrison was in such a mood. He was mad because I wanted to clean his train table. Bad mom, right?!? LOL Grandma came to the rescue. She showed up with Starbursts, Nerd ropes and homemade apple juice.
He settled down. All of this over a train table. Unbelievable. Kids are so random sometimes.
I have just been feeling anxious lately because Ben (my husband, a teacher) has only two weeks and 3 days until school is out. It is always hard for us to make the transition of him being here. Sometimes it feels suffocating because...well...imagine if your spouse was always 2 feet behind you for three months after you have had 9 months of your own routine! Not that I am complaining, because I love the extra help with the house and shopping. Then we have difficulty transitioning when he goes back to work! :)
So Mother's Day is coming upon us. I want a Ped Egg for my feet so they will be ready for summer flip flops! And I want a new mouse--not just any mouse--a really cool one that changes colors and lights up from Best Buy! That's it. I guess I am low-key. I am buying my mom an angel set she really wants (she collects angels) and I made her a scrapbook page. We are buying my mother-in-law a pearl necklace and earring set because she loves jewelry.
What do you want/or are buying for Mother's Day?!?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hey Hey

See you again on Monday blog readers. :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

A poem for paper nerds (like me)

Ode to my Wife,the Scrapbooker Cropper

(posted on 2Peas by VirginiaGomes)
She learned to crop on Monday,
Her shapes were going fine.
She forgot to thaw our dinner,
So we went out to dine...

She added diecuts on Tuesday,
She says they really are a must.
They actually were quite lovely,
But she forgot to dust...

On Wednesday it was stickers,
She says the designs are fun.
What highlights,what shadows!!
But the laundry wasn't done...

Her journaling was on Thursday,
With Pigma pens, including red.
I guess she really was engrossed,
She never made the bed..

It was more acid-free paper on Friday,
In colors that she adores.
It never bothered her at all,
The crumbs on the floor...

I found a maid on Saturday,
My week is now complete.
My wife can crop the hours away,
The house will still be neat...

Well, it's already Sunday,
But don't call me a great Pop.
I cursed! @#$, I raved *#@, I ranted!!!
The maid has learned to CROP!!!

Michael's Ad for May 4-10

Two coupons, both 50% off

4/$1 Scrapbook Paper 12x12
40% off Entire Stock of Jolee's Boutique, Jolee's by You and Touch of Jolee's
50% off Scrap Paper Scissors Polka Dot Scrapbook Storage
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50% off Scrapbook Boxed Kits
2/$5 8½ x 11 Value Pack Paper
$329 Cricut Expression

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day! :)

Happy May Day readers!
Harrison and I totally vegged out today.
Watched a little Spongebob.
Ate sandwiches...I had a City Bites ham and cheese (my second one this week)on homemade sun-dried tomato bread and Harrison ate pb and j.
He likes me to cut his sandwiches into shapes with cookie cutters!
So the sirens are probably going to go off in a little bit--we are under a tornado watch and they are showing a funnel forming on tv now. Ugh. It's not a big deal until the sirens go off and we know what path it is on. Hmmmm...It looks like Midwest City which is not where we far so good then.
Back to blogging!
Today is May Day so I made a May Day basket!
I used Love, Elsie papers!
I filled the basket with paper flowers.


for a link about celebrating May Day!
I have started dropping hints about what I want for Mother's is a little silly but I really want a PedEgg!

Photo of the Day

Thursday, May 1
we left a message for Ben this morning :)

I am in love!

with this awesome kit!

download it for free HERE!
Thanks Yvette for this cool kit!!! :)

Yay! My favorite couple in the world are expecting!!!!

Amy Poehler, Will Arnett expecting first child
Source: Associated Press
NEW YORK (AP) - Amy Poehler is a real-life "Baby Mama."

Poehler, who co-stars with Tina Fey in the hit pregnancy comedy, is expecting her first child with husband Will Arnett, the couple's publicist, Lewis Kay, said Monday.

Kay declined to give further details.

The couple were married in 2003. The baby is due sometime this fall.

Poehler, 36, is a cast member on NBC's "Saturday Night Live." She co-starred with Arnett in the 2007 comedy "Blades of Glory."

Arnett, 38, starred in TV's "Arrested Development." He has a recurring role as a rival of Alec Baldwin's character on NBC's "30 Rock."

Arnett has several feature films in the works, including "When in Rome" opposite Kristen Bell.
Photobucket I am so happy :) for them!

I knew this was coming...

signs we have run out of stuff to alter??!?!
Click HERE to see the altered tampon box.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photo of the Day

for Wednesday, April 30
no photo of the day :( I was soooo busy today but it will return tomorrow! :)
I had a day of pampering today. My mom babysat for me and I got my hair dyed, painted my nails, exfoliated, gave myself a facial...things I regretfully put off all the time! I am so relaxed right now! :) Grandmas rock!