Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For your enjoyment

Okay, just pretend to enjoy it.
I found a book I wrote--in first grade. About fish. Funny!
I still draw the same,too!
I like how the fish has curly hair like my mom!
Mermaid and rainbows! My friends Sharolyn and Christen checked out my book from the school library. Christen was my locker mate in middle school and went postal when I wanted to switch to a new locker mate. She stepped on my sack lunch and threw it!!!
A fish. I wrote it for my mama and daddy.
We love fish.
A fish can swim.
I love fish. (um,okay....)
A star fish has a hole that sucks.
(my turtle looks a little alien-ish :] )
A fish can eat too. A fish can jump. A fish can jump up. A fish can jump down too (really??). A fish has a family.
A star fish doesn't have eyes. A fish has eyes. A fish has a scool.
A star fish can suck too. (I still like neon colors!)
I like to fish and swim. Be quiet to get one.
(don't you like my diving suit with attached high heels and the collagen lip implants???)
Back cover. Sucking up a little. Miss Morris was in her 90s I swear. And she hated me. I always tried desperately to get on her good side but she never liked me.

Photo of the Day

Wednesday July 9
Today's pics are some chalk drawings hubby Ben did of Sesame Street characters. Too cute not to post!
And one from Harrison!!!
He drew this himself. Honest. A profile view of Mr. Hooper!
He asked Ben to draw Mr. Hooper. Ben said he was not sure how Mr. Hooper looked. Then H started drawing and said he drew Mr.Hooper. He pointed out his features to us. Shock!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Harrison's Joke

I have learned that when a 3 year old learns a joke they love to repeat it!!!

H-Know what my favorite snack is??
Your line-No, I don't!
H-It's a quacker!!!

I can see clearly now...

I finally finished my first acrylic 7 months later!! I don't know how something so small could be so intimidating to me but it was. This album is the "I like book" and it is all about the stuff Harrison likes right now...
~his pets
~Chuck E Cheese
~rocket (from Little Einsteins)

caught on film! (my family)

I want to share some of our 4th of July pictures. :)
We decorated the house for our cook out.


Little Mr. Harrison helped!
Here's pics of the parade!



Harrison was in a very patriotic mood. He was so happy about going to the parade--he remembered the eagle from last year so he kept asking when it would be coming out. Then when he saw the eagle I swear it was like seeing Elvis or something for him!!
We got lots of candy!!! It was like a second Halloween. :)
We made friends with this pony named Peanut.
We hurried home to get the grill fired up. Fun family time! The kids popped "snappers" on the back porch.
Fireworks are illegal where we live (but you still see/hear them anyway in the middle of the night!!) so this is as firework-ish as we could get.
Then we went swimming.
And met a sea monster!!!!
Hehe. A gift from grandma. The other grandma brought a tshirt for H. Funny how grandmas come bearing gifts!
Ben read to Harrison while we waited for fireworks to start. This year we packed a backpack of stuff to keep him busy while we waited.
Mosquitos were out of course so we wore these cool "bug buttons."
We bought them at WalMart and had a Eucalyptus/Lemon oil spray (also from WalMart) to spray on ourselves. We are anti-DEET just because it scares me. I saw a report once about a child dying from it. Lysol scares me, too, btw. I guess I get freaked out by the back of the cans and all the warnings.
Fireworks are hard to photograph...
And here is just a random pic--I thought a weave was sticking out of this person's car but upon closer inspection it was just rope.

Photo of the Day

Tuesday, July 8
I don't know how but somehow I was able to capture our kitten Glitz's true spirit on camera!!!
Is that funny or what??? It reminds me a LOL cats pose (google LOL cats).

Monday, July 7, 2008

Photo of the Day

Monday, July 7
Me. I have never taken a good pic of myself in the mirror while holding a camera. I was bored one day while waiting in the car for Ben. I learned to tilt the camera upwards, turn the flash off and not look at the mirror. It came out okay.

Recent creations

Scrapbook layouts~
Be mine forever.

I have been inspired by a challenge to use felt lately. :)
Most of the flowers/camera were from an Elsie embroidery pattern but some were my own creation. I printed the pic of myself on fabric and wrote on it. :)

we have love. dedicated to ben.

I used the Elsie embroidery patterns (available HERE) to make the felt camera. The Polaroids are freehanded.

Another felt card. Used the Elsie pattern for the camera and colored it in. I used silver foil tape in the upper corner but it did not scan so well.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Linky time

It's time for me to share some fun links with you!!
Click on the titles to go there! :)


I love this blog!

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Neat scrapbooker wear

Have fun surfing!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photo of the Day

for Thursday and Friday...two pics from last 4th of July. I love these very much because I took them during the flag raising ceremony in our town. I love how attentive Harrison and Ben are.

I sent the photos to the Daily Oklahoman and they are on their site,too!!!
It would be very cool if one of them makes tomorrow's paper!!!

Bang bang baby

Wishing you and your family and happy happy 4th!!! We are going to see fireworks tonight. Parade tomorrow. Then host a cookout and more fireworks!!! :) Have a good one!

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Just a reminder that Tip Junkie is doing a 20 day giveaway. I am so happy to tell you I won yesterday's giveaway at TJ!!! Yay!!! Good luck! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wowee wow!!!

Look at this awesome kit!
We are happy to announce the first ever ScrapCity kit for sale!!!
It is packed with some wonderful scrappy goodness...
List of goodies:
~ 16 American Crafts elements brads 5 different colors 2 paper clips ( 1 foot, 1 heart)
~1 Frenzy gromlets (colors will vary)
~1 blessings flower slide by Maya Road
~1 Chipboard family keychain 1 beaded flower (colors may vary)
~1 Remember Log stamp from Maya Road (includes 2 stamps in the package)
~4 Maya Road arrows
~Matching Prima flowers (colors/sizes may vary)
~4 sheets of cardstock
~12 sheets of the Frenzy line We R Memory Keepers
~1/2 package of the Frenzy trim (all 6 ribbons)
~1 package of Noah Bold Black rub-on letters by Maya Road
~Last but not least I think this is the best part..... YOU CHOOSE YOUR ALTERING ITEM
a) Maya Road Triangular Banner 8 pages with ring 5.5"wide 6" tall
b) Maya Road Sheer 3 Ring Top Tab Album 8 pages 4" tall 8" wide
Wow!!!! what a bunch of goodies all for only $29.99 plus priority shipping.
Order here:

Photo of the Day

I haven't been online much today because we are cleaning house for our Fourth of July cookout. Ben has been painting and I mainly have been dusting/organizing. Fun...not! We are sooooo excited about it though. Harrison cannot wait to go to the parade and see the clowns (but I can wait! LOL).
Tuesday, July 1
old railroad tracks.
Wednesday, July 2
old bridge that is very scary to drive on at Lake Overholser.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dan Zanes Malti


Be inspired.

I am getting in 4th of July mood. Wonderful inspirational site about America!