Thursday, July 24, 2008

New scrapbook page

This is about Harrison and his love for paint. :) I made this page for a paint challenge created by Scrappycatz aka Lisa. It was fun!

Photo of the Day

for Wednesday, July 23

you know me--a little late as usual LOL
This is a photo I love of me and Harrison (then 6 months) at the zoo in June 2005. It was his second time there and that day brings back fun memories!

Make Your Own Decorative Edged Paper!

Wanna make your own paper like this??!?!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ding Ding! We have a winner...

This time it is #5 picked by! Email me your address at or PM at ScrapCity. I have the package ready to mail. :)
I'll have another blog giveaway in a few weeks BUT you also have a chance to win some BG rub ons at ScrapCity's crop this weekend. I am giving them away as prizes for the dart game! :)

Last chance, last dance

If you have not entered my small scrappy giveaway (see previous post), do so! Winner will be picked by random # generator tonight. Good luck! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo of the Day

Tuesday, July 22
Statue of Mary in my garden. Harrison loves to hug her. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm still standing!

Finally got my scrappy hands on this little baybee! Found at Michaels. My husband was shocked by how fast I threw that thing into the basket!!!
I haven't opened it yet because I am still savoring the newness!
I also picked up some salt and pepper shakers at Target. Um, can you believe we had none?!? Ben and I have been married for 5 years and no s&p shakers...funny!
I have to share news about my little man, mr. H...
It is hard to tell in the picture but my little guy has learned to hold his breath and swim under water!!! What? That's insane. Insane but true! He's 3.
My mom signed me up for swimming lessons at 6. I almost drowned that day (not kidding). A kid fell on top of me. :( Boo. I still picture the butt on top of me and thinking it was my last day on Earth.
See this guy? He's cute and he needs a home. I made him for *drumroll please* my big secret project I've been hinting at...yes, it's an Etsy shop! I am hoping to open it this Friday. :) Ben and I have been making stuff together for it. I don't even care if I sell anything, I'll keep it all! LOL
Anyway, I will post the link as soon as it is up and running!
Here is a peek at some embellies I made for it:
We are going to sell vintage stuff,too--not only homemade.
Remember the kettle corn recipe I posted a few posts back??? We made it today and it totally rocked! That stuff was gooooodddd. I am totally putting some in a paper lunch bag and taking it with me next time I go into the movies. Shhh...don't tell. Oh, who are we kidding? They see a mom with a giant bag and they know I have a portable concession stand!
Harrison and A.T. made rainbow lollies yesterday.
Can you tell they are kid made? LOL
Anyway, these suckers are truly yummy!
We made our cherry flavor. We wanna do orange and cinammon next!
I found the recipe at this really cool blog:

Gearing up for the big ScrapCity crop this weekend! :)

Photo of the Day

I may be a total goober but I thought the star design at the top of the Goober jar needed to be the photo of the day!
Monday, July 21



I'm still alive!

Uploading pictures now so I can post an update tonight. My blog break was fun. I found out I am not good at meeting goals though! Update on the giveaway--I am adding some vintage buttons (still on their original cards!!!) into the mix! Good luck chickadees!!! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bloggy giveaway!!!!

It's giveaway time!!! Since the majority of my readers are scrappy this time the prize will be scrappy goodness.
Basic Grey- A 43 piece pack of Infuse Raw Chipboard & 1 package of rub-on transfers :)
Just a leave a comment saying anything at all. Winner will be randomnly picked on Wednesday, July 23rd at 7:00pm-ish CST. Anyone can play from any country. I will probably throw in a few small random scrap goodies into the package before mailing,too!
I am taking a bloggy break until Monday--I have a lot I need to catch up on around the house. :)
Good luck!!!


Photo of the Day
Thursday, July 17

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Photo of the Day

Wednesday, July 16
Princess Tina. My husband took this pic. I look grumpy because I did not want my pic taken! I have a tiny tiara on but put a big one over it courtesy of Photbucket. :)

Paper fun

Remember a few weeks ago when I won card holder folders from Tip Junkie/Short Cuts?
I was able to decorate one today. These are really fun and I encourage you to look into getting some to decorate for gift cards for Christmas!!!
The paper is thick and comes in a variety of colors. :) Loves it!
Oh, here is the link:

Hey I just went to their blog and saw a mini album they made with these holders here:
Very cool!!!!

Photo of the Day

Tuesday, July 15
a little late...
This pic was not taken by me but one I saw on photobucket and really wanted to share. I think its pretty cool! :)
We leaving in about an hour to go to the zoo. :)

Andrea Bocelli sings Elmo to sleep

I love this clip!!! I would rewind it and play it over and over when Harrison was an infant. Brings back warm memories. :}

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I miss you...

Come back.

Lost your mojo?

If you feel like you need a scrappy kick in the pants, check out these sketch sites...

Add them to your favorites!!!

Now get to scrapping!!!!


Harrison loves to play THIS game!!! It is such a fun Sesame Street game and one a toddler can play by themself even! All they have to do is push any button on the keyboard. We love Sesame Street.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Photo of the Day

Monday, July 14
a pic we took at the zoo :) i love the eagle!

Family Fun

My husband Ben is an artist/art teacher. I wanted to share a quick sketch Ben made tonight:
It is amazing watching him draw. His hands move so fast and he completes stuff in minutes. I wish I could do something like that. Someday I need to share the portraits he did of me, Harrison and himself.
I also have to share a painting Harrison did yesterday. :)
And a collage I did on canvas:
Sorry it is watermark crazed, but it is going to be online in another venue. I worked on it while Harrison did his picture so we both used the same metallic green color! :)
It was good just to spend time together. No, my son Harrison and I are not "artists"--just a mom and son having fun.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monday-No Fun Day?!?

Have you ever had a bad day at work? Well, this guy had a really bad day!!!

and from another angle...

Don't was a hoax.
But it still makes me feel better about the way I handle my stress!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Insane in the membrane

Today was an insanely busy day!!!
We spent most of the day at my mom's. We made the mistake (hehe) of going to WalMart with her. You see if you go to WM or Target with my mom you will spend 2-3 hours in the store! She likes to go to *every* department!!! It was fun. I haven't been getting out enough lately. I need to make more time for friends and outer family members.
Harrison has started a bug collection, much to my chagrin. At least the bugs are already dead. We just look for deceased bugs in the flower beds. So far it includes: a ladybug, butterfly wing, chrysalis, and today grandma gave us this...
and a rattlesnake tail!! I guess it is more of a nature collection than bug collection.
He has a see through container that has 3 magnifiers on top so you can look at your bugs. I love how he uses a hand-held magnifier in addition to the ones on the top because he says he really wants to see them up close.
A.T. was playing with my camera today and he snapped this shot of a toy octopus' eye. I thought it came out cute.
Harrison played with grandma's train, Toots.
And put fake bugs in the back of it. Boys!
I made this felt robot panda--yes, I said robot panda, for A.T.
And I made some cards out of transparencies for a pre-crop challenge at ScrapCity.
I wanna make some more!!! :)
I saw this on the drive home today.
Um, they may want to replace that light!

Photo of the Day

Friday, July 11
A great way to start my day...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Kettle Corn recipe

1/2 cup unpopped popcorn kernels
1/4 cup white sugar
1/4 cup vegetable oil

Place the popcorn and sugar in a large pot with vegetable oil. Over a medium heat, begin to pop the popcorn. Constantly shake the pot to ensure that the popcorn kernels and oil do not burn. Once the popping has slowed, remove the pot from heat.


Interesting articles

Here are some articles/headlines I have seen lately that were interesting to me.

Wouldn't the possibility of a cancer-free future be great?
Baby born free of breast cancer

I need to look into getting a big net...
Bigfoot here in Oklahoma? Yikes!

I wish the U.S. in general would do this--saves $500 in gas a year!
Utah is going to a 4 day work week!

Free slurpees at 7-11 this Friday-tomorrow!

Healthiest foods under $1

Photo of the Day

Thursday, July 10
three photos today :)
this was the view outside my windshield yesterday. rain. lovely rain. ben drove us to sonic and we could not believe how fast (like within a 5 minute drive!) the streets flooded. H had his handy dandy umbrella with him so he did not care.Photobucket
more rain is on the way today!
my garden needs it. :)

Wanna challenge???

Meet my "goth" clock. For my 21yo brother. Ribbon is Martha Stewart--no kidding. :)

Scrap City is having a pre-challenge/class going on now. Check it out here!!!
The SC store grand opening online crop is July 25-27! It is free. There will be fun, games, challenges and prizes!