Sunday, July 7, 2019


Wow, 2 months! That has to be a record for me taking a blog break. I have been busy working as a youth librarian and spending time with family. Summer is here and this is my necklace I wear when I go outside--

I have educational shares for teachers, homeschoolers and librarians that I am going to post today! It's your lucky day!

Save this idea for next July 4th! This library had a Patriotic Story Time. 

I never thought of making Statue of Liberty crowns from paper plates. Fun!

Mini Matisse has a cool watermelon weaving project. You can go HERE to read the instructions.

I love using BOB books to teach beginning readers. I found some printables to go along with them. I plan on using these during my Homework Help program.

Are you teaching 3D shapes? Or looking for an easy STEAM activity?
Blue poster tack and q-tips to the rescue!

From I Heart Grade 3 Facebook page.

During our own Coffee and Crafts program, we made twine covered vases from Perrier bottles and used scrapbook embellishments to decorate.

Remember Care Bears? They are probably making a comeback. And you can always talk about the meaning of caring. Or you could just make this a brown bear. Idea from I Heart Crafty Things.

THIS.IS.AMAZING. I saw it on Facebook and am not sure where it originated, but I love it.

This school made a giant multiplication chart in the cafeteria. If you wanted to do this in your own classroom, you could use construction paper or solid scrapbook paper to make your background squares. This is a great way to reinforce multiplication facts.

I wish we had a board like this at work. Treats, and praise for a job well done, and birthdays! Seen on Pinterest, no link to original creator.

I like the bold colors on this bulletin board. And the fan embellishments. I forget that black backgrounds can really make colors pop.

I wish I knew this years ago when I was teaching first grade and needed student mailboxes!

This is a genius idea!

This teacher used cupcake lines to make a bulletin board border. Creative!

Now is the time to find them in stores!

When you are decorating your classroom/library, you may be looking for ideas. Here are some Dr. Seuss decor ideas!

From the Simply Kinder Facebook group.

I always made a wish list for back to school night/open house. Go HERE to get your own cupcakes to print for a wishlist.

Back-to-school stuff is already out. There is one really cool supply I want to purchase. GIANT Post-It notes. I can do so many things with them!


Thursday, May 9, 2019

Building the Garden of Your Dreams

Happy May, friends! I have been busy recruiting volunteers for summer reading. This year's theme is Wild Things. Speaking of "Wild Things",today I  had a friendly garden spider in my car just hanging out on the window. It was nice to have a quiet passenger for once!

Ah, gardening. I love to get my hands dirty but I often don't make the time to maintain it. Today I have a guest post about how to build the garden of your dreams. Enjoy!

Man Holding Orange Electric Grass Cutter on Lawn

Building the Garden of Your Dreams

Gardening is a popular hobby simply because of its rewarding nature. Seeing your hard work yield beautiful flowers or delicious fresh vegetables is always exciting. That’s why so many people use the return of spring as an excuse to get into the backyard and begin work on their gardens.

If you’ve got a green thumb, keep the following tips in mind. Following these essential steps will help you grow a garden you can truly be proud of.


This may sound obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. While you may have a strong impulse to start gardening as soon as the weather permits, you’ll get better results if you take the time to make a plan first.

What type of garden do you want to grow? What purpose will it serve on your property? Which types of plants should it feature? Answering these questions now will result in an impressive garden later.

Choose a Location

Once you decide which plants you wish to include in your garden, find out how much sun they need. Most typical garden plants require about six hours of sunlight per day, but this can vary, so it’s best to do research.

Knowing how much sun your plants need will help you choose a location for your garden. Monitor it throughout a typical day to ensure your plants will have sufficient sun exposure.

It’s also important to plant your garden in a spot where you’ll be most likely to notice it regularly. If it’s out of sight, it could become out of mind, and you may forget to tend to it.

Prep the Ground

Prepare your garden by removing the sod first. This can be done by digging it out with a shovel, although this may be difficult for larger areas. You may prefer to smother it with newspaper instead.

First, you’ll need a cordless lawn mower or edger to cut the grass very short. Then, cover the lawn with a minimum of at least six overlapping layers of newspaper or cardboard, covering the material with four or more inches of grass clippings. This process creates a layer which blocks sunlight and kills the grass below. However, it can take about two months, so if you go this route, start early.

Next, test your soil. If it’s too alkaline or too acidic, visit your local garden center to find out what products they offer for adjusting it.

Once you’ve confirmed your soil’s pH is ideal for your plants, dig up about eight to 12 inches of it, mixing in organic matter such as grass clippings, dead leaves, or compost. However, if you don’t plan on digging your garden, you can simply add a two to three inch layer of organic matter on top of the soil, letting it naturally work its way in.

Plant & Tend

Now it’s time to plant! Follow the directions that came with your plants closely, or get instruction from an expert at your local garden center if your plants didn’t come with any.

You also need to learn how to tend to your plants. Create a schedule for watering them to ensure you don’t overlook this task. It’s also a good idea to periodically trim any shrubs or growth that may block the sun from your plants. Using an electric grass trimmer is an easy way to take care of this task quickly and efficiently.

If you follow these basic steps early, it will be much easier to create a beautiful home garden. Doing so is a rewarding experience you’ll want to repeat every year. Remember, the more time you spend gardening, the better you’ll be at it!


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Happy National Library Week!!

I love unicorns soooo much it is ridiculous. The kids at the library are always making me unicorn drawings for me to put by my desk (they think I have an office, I guess?). 
I have day #4 as a teen librarian under my belt. 
This week was chaos but I learned so much. 
I feel tired. I know my house is a hot mess. But I also know that things will settle down soon. And I have a gazillion million ideas of things I want to implement for the teens and the community. I have been mentally reminding myself to pace myself! I sat down after work and reflected on everything that I did this week and wowee, was it a lot! This weekend I am going to recoup. Oh, and totally clean my house!



Monday, April 8, 2019

The New Girl

I am up at near 3am. Not unusual for me, but today I start my new role as the Teen Services Librarian at the same library I have been employed at. I am excited and I guess I have a bit of that night before back to school teacher anxiety going on. I just want to do a good job. Sometimes I am really hard on myself. Then I look at this drawing of a bee and it reminds me that according to science, bees aren't supposed to fly but they do anyway. And so I try again!
I love bees so much.


Monday, April 1, 2019

April is for Fools!

I'm totally in!

I cannot believe that it is already April. Why is this year going by so fast? Someone told me the other day that they read research that when we are young time goes by slow because we process slower, but it goes fast because as adults our brain is more developed and processes time faster. Probably true!

So here in Oklahoma these Bradford Pear Trees are totally kickin' my bottom. My nostrils actually swelled up! And my eyes are always burning. I have to use Restasis and that still feels like it is not helping much at the moment. I probably live in a bad state for allergies. And of course, severe weather is headed our way this week. Thankfully, the spiders have been cleared out of the tornado shelter!

I am so excited because in April I start my new position at the same library, as the Teen Services Librarian!!! I am a little nervous but absolutely ready to give it my all. I have some great encouragers where I work, too, so that helps. I never thought I would be starting a new career near mid-life, but here I am.

Hey, thinking of severe weather reminds me that my nickname growing up was Tornado!
Here's some throwback pics of the Tornado!